Mess Head Styling Gel Tube - Extra Hold 200ml

Mess Head Express Yourself Styling Gel Tube 200ml

Mess Head  - Express Yourself Hold On Tight Extra Hold Styling Gel will Style and control your hair the way you want it.  This extra long lasting gel helps to not only condition your hair, but will help deliver the power to create texture and definition to any style.  Its alcohol free formula won't flake so your hair will look fresh all day.  Suitable for all hairstyles.

Mess Head Balance Shampoo for Normal Hair - 900ml

Mess Head Perfect Harmony for Normal Hair - 900ml

Maintain the perfect natural harmony of your hair with Mess Head Pro Vitamin B5 Balance Shampoo, now with new packaging and new fragrance you'll love.  Created to help leave hair moisturised, manageable and shiny.

Mess Head Moisture Shampoo for Dry/ Damaged Hair-900ml

Mess Head Moisture Boom for Dry/ Damaged Hair-900ml

Care and repair dried out hair with Mess Head Pro Vitamin B5 moisture boost shampoo. Created to help hydrate tried brittle split ends leaving hair soft, smooth and shiny.

Styling Gel Spray

Mess Head Styling Gel Spray - Extra Hold 250ml

Fix your hair with attitude and turn heads with that voluminous unleashed look.  This extra long lasting hold gel spray helps to give great styling results.  Ideal for shaping, texturising, volumising or just managing your hair right where you need it.  Suitable for all hairstyles.

Mess Head Styling Hair Gel Wax - Extra Hold 150ml

Mess Head Express Yourself Styling Gel Wax 150ml

Mess Head - Express Yourself and Turn heads with this ultra control and long lasting hold gel wax, that will help accentuate and control your style.  It is lightweight and non greasy that provides the hold of a gel and the pliability of wax.  Well defined to shape, mould and hold. Easy to wash out.

Heat Protection Spray

Mess Head Heat Protection Spray - 250ml

Love and protect your hair from heat damage when styling. This spray contains special conditioning agents and vitamins to help protect hair against further heat damage whilst straightening, curling or simply blow drying hair.

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